Sourcing / Exporting Muslim Hygiene Equipment


I have been asked by my client to find some Muslim Hygiene Equipment especially the use of Lota/Shattaf/Bodna for Muslim cleanliness.

Does anyone have any idea where these can be purchased with in the UK/Ireland if possible. As these are to be sent in pallets of containers with flipped lids and must weigh no more than 7 kilograms.


I cannot comment on the items listed but we have recently exported alcohol free hand sanitisers to the region. see for more details


I know some companies but not in UK. Are those required for Saudi Arabia or for which country?

If its a continuous order, we easily can design and develop these products in UK and export thereby.



We can assist with non-alcholic hand gel can be used regular to protect against bacteria come in different sizes 500ml, 350ml, 118ml, 60ml, and 50ml. We also do foam hand sanitiser in 500ml.

We also do wipes 150 sheet per tub.

Please contact us via email [email protected]

Kind regards.

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