Sources of market research for the US


Can anybody suggest some reliable and free sources of market research for the US market?

In particular, I’m looking for geodemographic insights, much like Experian’s Mosaic tool:

I don’t need anything in-depth at this stage; something like the detail provided by the Mosaic tool would be adequate.


Dear James,

Thanks for reaching out through the Open to Export portal. Unfortunately, free marketing resources isn’t as readily available, but can be found mostly through paid fees to marketing companies.

In the first instance, one of my colleagues has passed along this link: .

Additionally, here are some links:

U.S. Small Business Administration (


I’ve reached out to my colleagues across the U.S. and will pass along any information they come across. Hope these articles help in the first instance.

Kind Regards,


Hi James
There is information available but it does take up time and resource to find, therefore its still a cost.
I use an annual subscription with to find Business indicators and use it for research. It also gives you all the changes to regulations, it has business tools and lots more and saves a lot of going round in circles. It covers all countries and once subscribed can be used time and time again, not just for USA. Its not expensive at around £500.
On the other hand you could use a UKTI programme to part fund specific research that could be run by somebody like myself on your behalf. If this is something that you are interested in then please get in touch.


Sue – thanks for those links and I look forward to anything more you can add via your colleagues.

Gilio – I think that a more specific research activity is something I will engage further down the line, if I can establish tentative interest initially (what I’m currently trying to do).

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