Should I translate my price lists etc when exhibiting at Frankfurt


We are a successful UK based manufacturer in the high class gift market and will be exhibiting at Ambiente, Frankfurt in February for he first time. Our designs, which are sculpture, have personal names and a description eg ‘Howard Hare sitting’. This description is on the bar code label on the base and on the box. It would not be possible to change these English descriptions but my question is should we translate our price list to German and possibly French? We expect to provide some descriptive text in these languages explaining the product ethos.
We supply to major departments store, garden centre groups, online catalogue companies and many independent retailers.


As you are selling to buyers from department stores and online retailers, if they are international, you should quote in USD$. I deal with customers from the Middle East and Western Europe and all prices are dealt in USD$.

USD$ also tends to fluctuate less with GBP£.

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Hi David
At Ambiente you will get visitors from all over the world. But these are trade visitors. So if you are looking to get them to stock your products and list them, in their catalogues, they will do their own translations. They will also sell to the end users in their own currencies. Whilst Norman is right that USD has less fluctuation, you could propose your trade pricelist in sterling and then they will calculate their own landed cost. This is what a lot of distributors do in different parts of the world.
Since you are already selling direct online you need to ensure that if you end up selling to export distributors, that you are giving them enough margin to sell to retailers who can compete against your online prices.
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I personally think it would be great to investigate the translation of your pricelist. Dependent on the amount of items on there this could be a relatively cost effective project to complete, but with the additional buy in from local visitors to your stand would be highly beneficial. Yes English is the Lingua Franca and no doubt the visitors WILL talk to you in English but the fact you have taken the time and expertise to speak like a ‘local’ will give you an initial advantage. If you have time have a read of the following link, an interesting blog piece on just this :

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