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I want to ship a package to dubai which is worth $2,000 US dollars. Would I be charged custom fees If I Fedex the package to dubai?


The Customs Fees maybe due on the consignment these will be set by the destination country. Customs duties are not always based on the value of an item.

The responsibility for who pays the duties is normally determined by the terms of the sale. In our case all items are Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) making it the responsibility of the receiver or consignee to ensure duties are paid.

You should check with your freight company as to how they would deal with refusal to pay by the consignee.

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The actual customs duty rate depends on the type of goods shipped. I think there is a flat rate of import duty into UAE of 5 % but you can check out your particular commodity here

It is a matter of choice whether you or the importer pay the import duty. As mentioned above this is usually indicated by an INCO term however, with FedEx you can simply nominate sender pays or receiver pays. If the receiver refuses to pay the package will be shipped back to you by fedex and at your cost.

You will be asked to produce a commercial invoice for the shipment which needs to be in five copies and to be signed in blue ink. The fedex driver will ask for these. You will also be asked for a certificate of origin. Check with your customer which one they want – either an EU one or an Arab one. You get both from your local Chamber of Commerce. Also ask your customer if they need it certified or legalised as this will change the fees.

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