Shipping materials to Saudi Arabia



I may have an opportunity to ship rolls of vinyl flooring to Riyadh.
Unfortunately the company that manufactures the product will not ship to Riyadh. They can ship to a bonded warehouse and then I will need to arrange for onward delivery from there.

Is this as straight forward as it seems?

Can any one make any recommendations on shipping companies or bonded warehouse?

Product is 2m long & weighs 140kg each roll. I will need to ship approx. 100 rolls.




Hi Steve

If you use a freight forwarder they can simplify things for you and ensure the correct paperwork is sent. As you are in the CM postcode area, the nearest Sea Freight agent that can help that I know and have dealt with personally would be “Marsil Marine” in Colchester, Essex., ask for Steve.

Kind Regards


Hi Gregg

We can handle this – please give me a call on 02392 756575 or you can email me on [email protected]

We regularly handle shipments to Saudi – we can guide you through it.



Hi Steve
There shouldn’t be too much of a problem with shipment of this nature. I’d be pleased to assist so please contact me on 01256 840884 or email [email protected] to discuss
Mike Barnes

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