Shipping dangerous goods abroad.


I would like to find out more about shipping dangerous goods abroad. Could you please advise where can I find the best and up to date information?

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I am assuming that as you deal with dangerous goods you have someone on your staff who has undertaken specific dangerous goods training.

As far as the most up to date information is concerned, as the regulations are updated annually you will need to ensure that you have the latest version of whichever regulations apply to whichever mode of transport you are using – so IATA for airfreight, IMDG for seafreight for example – and note that because the regulations differ if your employee has undertaken “dangerous goods by road” training that they won’t necessarily be competent to undertake movements by the other modes of transport.

If you don’t have someone on your books you will need to find someone who can act on your behalf – you may be able to get away with using the services of a specialist packaging company, or need to find someone who will act as a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) as you will need the correct dangerous goods notes completing and 24 hour contact numbers available for a lot of the airlines. I undertook my training with RoadSafe Europe Limited who are based in Southampton and I believe that they can do this.

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Dear Agnes,

A useful place to start is probably the website (link below) that will have all the up to date legislation and a guide you can print out on taking you through the steps of shipping dangerous goods:


Hi Agnes,

When you are ready to produce Dangerous Goods Notes, either for air transport or road/sea, you can setup an e-z Consign account at to create the required paperwork. The document layout with guide you as to the information that needs to be completed.

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