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Hi All

We are a shipping Agent in Belfast and have a customer looking to Export Sheep Skins from Belfast to Xingang but i am not having much luck,as NO shipping line wants to touch this commodity,If someone here know of a shipping line willing to accept this commodity can you please let me know? Maybe we can do some business together.



Hi Ryan,

As you know there has been some difficulties with these type of shipments in the past.
Can you please provide further details on quantities, frequency of delivery, certifications, insurances etc, in order to get a decision.

Manny Ajuwon


Hi Ryan,

One of the service providers registered with Open to Export, Gary Baylis of West Haven Worldwide Logistics, has asked me to post this answer to your question:

"Having looked at the enquiry, I think that the supplier may well have considerable problems with this cargo unless they are prepared to pack them in some way, preferably one which keeps them in an airtight state.

The problem is likely to be two-fold. The main concern is the odour and potential contamination of the carrying unit and other cargo. As this is an animal bi-product, there may well also be port health considerations in both the port of export and the port of arrival.

It might be worthwhile contacting The Real Sheepskin Organisation :
This is a trade body and it’s possible that, amongst their members, there are firms exporting sheepskins which can offer advice."

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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