Setting up a bank account in Denmark and Sweden


I am wondering if you could help me. I work for a company in the UK that is VAT registered in Denmark and Sweden.

Our company provides photo booths all over the world. We currently have some photo booths in Denmark and Sweden that generate cash, therefore I would like to open a bank account in Denmark and Sweden to be able to deposit coins/notes.

I have contacted most banks in Sweden and Denmark and they have all told me that we can not open a bank account as we are not a resident in their country.

Is there any advice you could give me on how to move forward in opening a bank account abroad in Sweden/Denmark or could you give me any advice that might help?

I am looking forward hearing from you.


good morning

This is something Enterprise Europe Network can probably help you with by contacting their local EEN branch and ask on your behalf. the service is free of charge but we would need to know where you are based in order to direct you to your most local EEN office in the UK. Would you mind emailing me on or call 01707 398024 and I can explain a bit more. The service is completely free of charge, we are an EU funded service helping SMEs grow their business internationally. EEN has offices in over 60 countries in Europe.

many thanks, Mathilde

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