Sending goods to Jamaica


I have seen and been asked several times about the sending of barrels via air cargo by the customs officers in Jamaica. Many people do this and are given a pink slip to collect their barrel on the same day they arrive in Jamaica.
Does anyone know how this works? Can you share some key points with me as to how to go about doing this myself?
Thanks in advance.


I personally have not heard of this. You may wish to speak to specialists for that region. Here is one company I am aware of – but you can also visit for others who may have the experience of this process?
I am not endorsing any services mentioned in this response.

There will also be the need for a UK customs export clearance of these goods?


not sure which part you want help with – the logistics part or the customs parts. or both. There are a number of brokers that can help you ship your goods to Jamaica, if you want we can provide you with a short list of some good ones. Regarding customers, this is taken from a column they wrote recently: :"If you have shipped items (barrels, boxes, crates, pallets, etc) please remember to ask the customer service representative at the Information Desk for a C27 or yellow form. After completing this form, present it along with your C5 form and passport to the Customs officer at the top of the RED LINE.

Be reminded that even if you have nothing to declare in your luggage, as long as you have "unaccompanied luggage" you must proceed to the red line.

When you go to the sea port/wharf/air cargo to clear your "unaccompanied luggage" remember to bring the C27 (yellow form) as proof that you travelled. If you have not utilised your US$500.00 allowance in your accompanied luggage, your duty-free allowance will be transferred to the items you have shipped.

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