Sending Goods to China and Invoice Documentation


We have quoted and won project to supply a system to a company in China. Part shipments will be going as it gets completed. We are not sure how to proceed with the invoices that are needed for Customs, the values will alter slightly on these invoices but the customer will still need to pay the agreed final figure. When they open the box they will see the value on our invoice for the goods, but this may differ to what they are actually paying as we have obviously included profit and contingency costs into our final agreed quotation figure.



In case it helps, our export documentation system at will allow you to create export invoices with all of the required information for customs and for the movement of the shipments. The inclusion of bank details for payment is optional.

Feel free to setup an account and try it. Once you’ve entered the data for the invoice it’s available to use on other documents like the Packing List in case they were required.

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Do you mind me asking what exactly it is that you are due to export? If you already know the tariff codes then this may help me to find a little more information out for you.

The value of the goods will have a definitive figure at the time of sale and this should thereon remain unaltered and synonymous across all of your documentation. This shouldn’t differ from what they are actually paying because your profits and contingency costs are already built in to the value of the goods.

With it being project work, factors that may affect the value of future shipments is presumably built in to the contract?

Great link to a blank example commercial invoice through link below if you click the ‘commercial invoice’ link on the page:

With a little more information I think I can help you some more on this.

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I work for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) and UKTI Manila in delivering services to help companies like yours to export or set up businesses in the Philippines. Our Headstart services are delivered in line with UKTI standards, whom we work closely with. Under Headstart, we can help you understand the market better, arrange market visit for you, introduce you to local contacts like distributors and arrange events to help you promote your product/ services in the market. We also arrange Trade Missions.

Should you be interested in exploring opportunities in the Philippines, we, at the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP) would be delighted to assist you further.

We encourage you to attend our webinar on exporting to the Philippines on 30th October and/or join our upcoming trade mission to the Philippines this November 16 & 17. If interested, you may email

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