Sending food samples to Australia


I have approved the factory trials for three of my ambient sauces and so the next step is to send them to Australia for ‘Low FODMAP’ certification, by the Australian company FODMAP Friendly.

However, these factory samples are just in clear pouches, with sticky labels stating the best before date (12months away) and with the ingredients. We need the certification before we print the final packaging.

However I have been told by a courier company that the sticky labels won’t suffice to get past Australia’s customs/border controls for food. I have also read that they open some food products, which means these would be no good as you can’t reseal the pouches.

I have tried to send an import enquiry to them, via the below URL, however I keep getting an error on submission!

Can anyone advise how I can get these samples to the laboratory in Australia?


Hi there,

I hope you get an answer to your question shortly.

In the meantime, I recommend also looking at the Institute of Export and International Trade’s helpdesk for more specific advice:

The OTE team

Export Action Plan