Selling smaller items overseas poss to USA



I’ve just opened a new shop selling done up reclaimed fireplaces, fire baskets, and smaller things like door handles and pokers, etc. I think there would be a good market overseas but I have no idea how to start.

I thought I could sell some of the smaller items on international ebay …. To put my foot in the water! But then what kind of forms and/or licences do I need?

If anyone could let me know be v much appreciated


You may want to investigate the weights of the items. For smaller items, under 2kg , Royal Mail will probably be the lowest price option for freight. You have to fill out a simple customs declaration declaring the value of the goods, a description of the contents and country of origin. Check on the Royal Mail website to ensure you are not sending any prohibited items. It is best practice to send items via a tracked/insured method.

For heavier items you may have to send via courier such as DHL, Fedex,UPS, Parcel Force Worldwide etc.On therir resppective websites it wil detail the paperwork required, ususally several copies of an invoice with country of origin etc

Depending on the product, the value and the desination, there may be duties/local sales tax to be paid on import by your customers.

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