Selling our services to Italian Companies who are selling in the UK – where to start?


We’re a copywriting agency – we help brands and agencies with written communications.

I speak Italian and have spent a lot of time there, so we’re toying with the idea of promoting our services to Italian companies who are/would like to promote their products/services/brand in the UK/English speaking world.

We’re wondering whether we’d be best to approach Italian advertising agencies for subcontracts, or brands directly. And how. Basically, where do we start!? Any help would be much appreciated!


Approaching Italian advertising agencies for subcontracts is a good option and a valid one indeed, however have you thought about reaching out to Italian Customers directly.

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If you need any more information please do get in touch, and Good Luck! with you international expansion plans.


Hi Sam
In response to both this question and your question of 17th October.
I also have experience of working with Italian companies and brands and perhaps could be of assistance on this.
Also one of my ex-colleagues, based in Italy is setting up a marketing coordination agency soon. Which means your services could be of interest there to him as well.
I also subscribe to which gives access to a wealth of business intelligence and in this instance company directories for Italy.
Don’t hesitate to contact me directly
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Hi Sam,
Having been working for FileTranslations, a translation and interpreting services company for a while, I think having a local office or representative in Italy may be your best marketing strategy. You don’t always have to invest a lot of money in opening the office, but you can partner another Italian company that will do the advertising in Italy.

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