Selling organic bread direct to German consumers – is English labelling ok or do we need to oversticker in German?


We want to set up a web shop to sell our naturally gluten free organic bread direct to consumers. We have printed bags for each product which we could over-sticker or send a leaflet with the translation in the box but that is all more work.


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Hi Ingrid, we specialise in food label translation, and our understanding is that you need packaging to be in the language of the country to be able to sell food in Germany. As to how the translations are applied, this is obviously a business decision, and most businesses are likely to start by overstickering, which may be a necessity while you test the market. Personally as a customer, I’m much more likely to buy a product which is in my language, and presentation is everything from a marketing point of view. So country specific packaging in German is the ideal, but I recognise there is considerable cost here, and it depends whether you can justify the volume of sales. Regarding the translation, don’t be tempted to try and do it on the cheap using Google or people who are not professional translators, you need to ensure that translation is correct, accurate and legally compliant, as well as the marketing aspect of describing the product in the most appetising way. Are you sure there is a market for selling direct via the internet? Worth doing some market research first. UKTI have specialist Food and Drink Trade Advisors, and it may be worth contacting them if you haven’t already.

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Packaging labels must show details of all ingredients, in German, in order of the amount used, as well as the sell-by date, i.e. "mindestens haltbar bis: " – and the appropriate weights and measurement of content. This also applies to products not sold in Germany but to German customers.
We are from UKTI Germany Team.
It is not necessary to repackage completely but rather add a label with the German language information.

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