Selling engine parts to an operator in Iran


We have received and enquiry to supply some reconditioned engine parts to a plant operator in Iran. We have some of the parts in stock but when enquiring to a manufacturer they said they were unable to trade because of the plant location. Does this restriction apply to us as well?



Do you mean your manufacturer won’t ship the parts direct from their warehouse to Iran? If that’s the case then you can get the parts shipped to your company and then export them,

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Hi Chris
You can find the latest information on what you can export to Iran at: You need to take into account if parts have been modified and if they have any modifications that might make them fit a military specification or use.

However I have worked with companies who have no restrictions on their goods with regards the sanctions, but they still have not been able to export directly because their banks won’t get involved in the transaction.

If your bank or insurance have business in USA they may have restrictions in place, that could mean they won’t endorse a letter of credit or bills of exchange etc. This might be the case with the manufacturer that you mention.


Thank you Gilio your response helps me understand the situation very clearly.

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