Selecting the correct Commodity Codes


If a product i am exporting is made up of many parts but all of them contribute to the main function. Do i list all the main parts under each commodity code category or under the main function all the parts will be used?


Hi Kristian – I don’t like answering a question like this really but the answer is IT DEPENDS!

We can help you with this but I suggest, if you have a particular product/shipment to classify you speak to the excellent tariff classification helpline at HMRC on 01702 366077.

Also have a look at the new website Tariff pages – there are useful guides on classifying difficult products and one is on computers which might be of use.


Hi Kristian
I agree with Sandra above, there are a few factors.
First thing I might ask, is are you exporting inside the EU, or outside the EU?


Hi Simon,

We export outside and inside the EU but mainly outside the EU.

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