Seeking university consultants internationally, interested in entering UK boarding school market


Which British School offers agents and consultants who currently only advise students and parents on University places the opportunity to enter and build a successful complementary offering in to the British boarding schools market. The data shows that students entering in to British schools for A-Levels dramatically increase their chances of attending top Universities and doing well.

British Boarding schools increasing wish more greater diversity within their communities and Which British School ( is a platform designed to assist them. The platform also ensures that students only ever apply to suitable schools, saving all parties time and money.

We are keen to aid university/education consultants from around the world to easily enter the schools market creating a fantastic opportunity to increase their client base and retain clients for longer.

Any advice on finding and contacting these consultants would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have good experience working with them.



Hi Iain

This is something the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) could help with free of charge (EEN is funded by the EU to help small companies make the most of the business opportunities in the EU).

Through our extensive network in Europe and beyond we can try to help you identify some possible contacts.

If you want to give me a call on 01707 398038 I would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Kind regards


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