Seeking agents in Germany and the USA to deliver our technical content solutions to organisation with Field Service operations in the domestic heating, air conditioning, materials handling markets an


Infomill provide technical content solutions to major field service organisations like British Gas and Toyota Materials Handling. We specialise in delivering this content to mobile devices whether it be laptops, tablets or smartphones. We also provide technical content solutions to parts distributors in the same and similar markets. relevant markets include domestic gas and oil heating, air cionditioning, materials handling, heavy plant, areospace, the rail industry, catering equipment and cleaning equipment. we are looking to expand in Germany and the USA.


If you could give me an Email address or telefone number I can get our specialist to contact you, as it is a complicated question that cannont be answered i a 2 line email.

M Hughes-Kemper


Translation advice of use? Looking at your content delivery, consider translation format – then you’ll be able to take same templates forward for French, Spanish or whatever (Brazil’s good). Most online stores are database/ HTM based; HTM’s best translated natively (incl. metatags), database can be trickier. Don’t know if you use a CMS or host your own material – that will affect options. If you host your own then export to Excel – which easily imports back too – gives translator a good working format in which they can leverage common text to give you discount. HINT: Make sure they don’t charge you for part #s or UoMs – many translators treat these as "words" 😉

Watch translation quality – German tech buyers have really high expectations of language. You’ll lack credibility if you DON’T translate, but German engineers may speak better English than you do and can really critique translation. While less blunt than Dutch, they WILL tell you if it’s rubbish and it WILL hurt.

Make sure whoever you use understands heating and air handling, and has a good grip on logistics – many translators say "No problem" but ask for proof. And check they’re qualified – did you know you require ZERO qualifications to set up a "translation agency"? "Buyer beware"…

Best for something like this too if translator has some tech quals – if they’re an engineer, or have one in-house, they’ll say so. Their tech translation page should have reference from humidifier or a/c industry too, so you know they "understand the question".

Hope this helps – you may find more on our website (I would say that, wouldn’t I?). Feel free to give me a call, direct dial is 01772 284415 (but I’m out at a big pharma conference pm today + tomorrow). As a chemical engineer, with 7 years in logistics and 12 more in data systems, there’s a good chance I can help.

Best of luck for the project!




Regarding the USA, I recommend a look at If you would like to talk, please email me the best number and time to call and I will do my best to fit in with your schedule.

Good luck.

Roger Frampton
[email protected]

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