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We have recently won an order from a significant U.S. aerospace company for equipment to handle carbon composite fabrics. The opportunities within the company for this and similar equipment is huge. Is there any financial assistance available to visit the company in the States with a view to expanding our contact patch and nurturing additional sales?

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Hello Alun
I work for UKTI in the South West – through it’s programmes such as Passport to Export (for new exporters); Gateway to Global Growth (for more experienced exporters) and the Market Visit Support programme, UKTI does provide match funded grant support to help companies research and develop new markets, however support is not available for sales visits to existing customers. I would suggest that you contact one of our International Trade Advisers – Nick Field – who is based near to you. (Tel: 07718 782690) – to discuss further. (Nigel, who is mentioned in the previous email, is also an ITA, but is based a bit further away)

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Hi Alun
Reading your question I wondered if you had addressed the areas of Export Licensing Controls. You don’t mention whether the aerospace company is into military of civil design – which is relevant because military design products and associated technical data and assistance is covered by export licensing controls. Even if the company is civil aerospace the products you describe briefly as "carbon composite fabrics" will probably fall under export licence controls anyway as "dual-use" products. If you are comfortable in this area fine, if not please get in touch we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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tel 0161 499 7000 – ask for myself or Bernard

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