Sales Agents in Europe


How can I find sales agents in a specific country, e.g. Germany? Is that UKTI who could help?


Hi Nikki

Yes, UKTI has a service called Overseas Market Information Service or you will see it referred to as OMIS for short, which is a research service designed to give you details about the country of choice, from people who are based there. It is delivered by the commercial staff in the UK Embassies or Consulates in the country (e.g.) Germany, who will for a fee (varies according to depth of information) find you all the information you need to export to that country, including details of appropriate agents/distributors.
The key to using this service is to give the staff as much information about your product/service that you possibly can so that they really understand what you offer and how you want to sell it in that market. They will want to understand your USP, who your UK competition is and if you know who your competition is in the market etc…
This is a fantastic service which is a great asset to the UK exporter.

Best of luck and remember if it is an agent in Germany you are looking for – this is quite a tricky contract to get right – the laws surrounding agency agreements can be surprisingly difficult for the seller. Too good a relationship and it could look like you have taken on an employee, rather than an agent, for example! Make sure you have considered other routes to markets also (apologies if this is old news to you!).

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I too was looking for Sales agents and didn’t have much success finding any so I ended up using UK sales agent company with German speakers. Maybe you could do the same

I also used

Export Action Plan