Researching manufacturing sectors in Nigeria


I am currently doing some desk research.

Does anybody have details/reports/databases on the various manufacturing sectors in Nigeria? (Paid for or free)

I am ideally looking for the data to break down into individual businesses if possible.

Thank you


Can I suggest looking initially at the Santander Trade Portal which has a lot of country specific information. There is also the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and UK Trade and Investment as places to start.

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I would recommend that you NIPC (Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission) They are the body responsible for granting business permits to all businesses once they have been incorporated. I do feel you may be successful in obtaining the required information, although you may have exercise some considerable patience and persistence. You may also wish to contact the Department of Trade and Investment.

Finally, you may also wish to contact the Nigerian-London Chamber of Commerce.


Uche Akali
Hallmark Solicitors


I would agree with the previous comments. We also have excellent staff in the High Commission in Lagos, who would be very happy to help with your enquiry. This may be on a chargeable basis depending on the level of information/research you require.
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