Reliable source of Italian contacts data/intelligence


We’re looking at running a direct marketing campaign aimed at Italian brands/advertising agencies.

Any advice on an appropriate service where we can purchase contact data (i.e. email etc) would be much appreciated!


Good afternoon Sam
can I ask you where your company is based? the Enterprise Europe Network office in your area may be able to help you with this in some way. if you let me know which county you are based, I will signpost you to my colleague.
alternatively, please take a look at the UK Enterprise Europe Network website for a list of offices:
kind regards.


Hi Mathilde,

We are based in London – Brixton SW9 8RR to be exact.

Thanks for you response,



thanks Sam
I would suggest you speak to the EEN team based at the London Chamber of Commerce.
you can speak to Lina Mockute, International Business Officer
T: +44 (0)20 7203 1929,
I don’t know if they offer a mailing list service but it is worth a try and she can also mention other relevant ways of finding some information for you.
kind regards

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