Regulations for transporting prepared food to Italy


We are the official UK representative for the Milan Expo we will be cooking food over there and we will be exporting prepared food also. I am aware of the free movement of good between EU countries but I need to know which are the relevant EU health and safety regulation I need to follow for the transportation of the food and also if I need documents for them. The food will be prepared in our London kitchen.

many thanks


Dear Mirella

Thank you for your enquiry.

As you are aware within the European Union there is ‘free movement’ of goods, including food, although there may be national controls where there are risks to public health.
As advised by the Food Standard agency ( ) please contact the authority in the destination country, or their foreign embassy in the UK to check if there are any specific restrictions.

Here below the contact details of the Italian authority responsible for Hygiene and Safety of food:

Ministero della Salute – Ministry of Healthcare
Direzione generale per l’igiene e la sicurezza degli alimenti e la nutrizione – General Directorate for Hygiene and Safety of Food and Nutrition
Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 5
00144 – Roma

General Food Hygiene
Director: Mr Giuseppe Plutino

Hygiene of Food of Animal Origin
Director: Ms Alessandra Di Sandro

Alternatively you can contact the Italian Consulate General in London:

Italian Consulate General
Harp House
83/86 Farringdon Street
Tel.: +44 (20) 7936 5900

We trust the above contacts prove useful.

Best regards.
UKTI Milan

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