Regulations for exports of live shellfish to Sweden?


Can anyone give a definitive answer to the question of "What are the regulations regarding the export of live shellfish (lobster. crab) from the UK to Sweden? I have heard comments regarding the requirement for an export licence, of vet’s health certificates, evidence of traceability, but nothing confirmed in black on white. I need urgent clarification.


Hello Stephan,
as you know, I am looking into this. I have received a reply from Cefas (part of Defra), which outlines the UK’s position and I am now checking this with the Swedish Board of Agriculture to make sure that there is no confusion in the matter. At the current time, it appears that Sweden has added extra health protection aspects to the existing EU legislation, which accounts for the extra demands, but I will confirm with you directly once I have absolute confirmation of the situation.

Alan Goodliffe
UKTI Sweden

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