Reclaim import duty on re-export out of EU


My company has imported and cleared goods from the USA and China into EU free circulation. We now have a customer outside the EU (Turkey) who wants to buy these goods. Can I reclaim the original import duty?


Could you please give more information on what the goods are? Many Thanks


Hi Sean,

The only way you can reclaim the duty is if you are returning the goods back to your original supplier or if you brought the goods into the EC under some sort of Customs scheme such as IPR. If you believe that future purchases on which you would normally pay duty could be exported outside the EC, then please do contact me for further advice.

Maria Narancic
Point to Point Export Services, Theale, Reading, Berkshire


Hello Sean

My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge.
There is a high probability (depending on the nature of the goods) that your Turkish customer will require you to provide an ATR Movement Certificate when you ship these goods to Turkey. If so you cannot reclaim the duty as to qualify to ship under an ATR the goods need to be in free circulation in the EEC. If you claimed the duty back the goods would not be in free circulation and therefore couldn’t be shipped under an ATR.
We can arrange the ATR for you if required and help with any aspect of the export process so please feel free to contact me on 01223 890767 or if you need any further help.

Kind regards

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