Receiving payment from the USA


I sell downloadable graphic designs for hobbyist and have been told that customers in the USA can not pay by paypal or visa back to the UK.

My site uses selfy to handle the downloads which takes 3.4% of the payment via paypal.

Can anyone help here?

Thank you 🙂


I receive payment from US customers by PayPal, and have no problems.

What did they say the problem was?


Thanks for your reply Andy, I posted some of my products on a facebook site which mainly had users from the USA. One comment from one member was that he tried to buy the product but he could not pay for it as paypal or selfy (who handle the downloads) would not let him. I was wondering if I need to register with any body in America to do business? Thank you.


No there’s no need to register with any body in America.

I would try to find out if there was some kind of message the buyer saw, it may be a problem with his PayPal account for example.

Do you know anyone in the US who could make a test purchase from you to test it? You can then refund the payment.

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