Receiving foreign payments


I am very happy to say that my company is exporting.

However, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on the least expensive way to receive foreign payments. One of our clients is paying the GBP equivalent of an agreed Euro amount. Our Euro expenses are very low, so a Euro account is unlikely to be the solution. At the moment, we are paying the bank charges for the transfer. Is there a cheaper way to receive the GBP?

Thank you.


Hi Diane,

When you bring Euros in to UK and convert them to British Pounds two costs are involved namely commission and the exchange rates.

As a specialized foreign exchange company we do not charge commission on inward remittances and our exchange rates are very much in favor of the customer compared to high street banks.

If you email me the details to we are in a position to advise you to set up an account to transfer your funds to UK bank accounts and to provide you with a live comparison of our charges with your bank.

If you have any other queries with regard to foreign exchange please stay in touch with us for detailed advise.

Warm Regards


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