Query from a client who is looking for information on the market value of the craft and hobby sector in India,.


Information to include figures available that relate to the market’s value and year on year growth, if possible.
Thank you.


Hi Lucy,

Following an initial search, it looks unlikely that this is in the public domain and available from desk research or a published report. I suspect that a combination of desk research and targetted detective-style research will be needed…and we can definitely help, using our team of MBA/Fraduate busienss analysts based in India.

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Martin Holliss
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Hi Lucy,
The information you require is certainly not in the public domain and it would require detailed research to obtain the answers you require. THe TMG Advisory team would be happy to undertake this work for you or your client, but feel that it would be better completed if we understood the clients overall requirements in India ? Our research could then encompass all of the info they require in order to move them forward in the Indian market.
If you or the client want to move forward on this aspect then please feel free to drop me an email on my direct link of lparfitt@tmgadvisory.com and we can discuss it further.

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Les Parfitt
TMG Advisory (UK)


Use your UKTI International Trade Adviser. You can make use of the OMIS (Overseas Market Introductory Services) run by the UKTI. We currently have a discount of 50% (upto £750)on all OMIS services comissioned and delivered before March 31st 2013 for new companies comissioning their first OMIS or existing companies who are comissioning an OMIS to an emerging market (which India is). There is also different funding available to SMEs through UKTI which can be used against this OMIS for eligible countries. Consult your ITA for free before committing to any private sector research. http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export.html – put your postcode in the search box to find the contact details for your local ITA. Good Luck

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