Protecting GCC patents


What’s the likelihood of being able to defend GCC patents against infringement in GCC states such as Saudi Arabia?


  • This is really something that requires local knowledge to address in earnest. Patents and trade marks need to be defended locally and the Middle East is developing in terms of its legal frameworks. In theory, there should be reciprocal enforcement throughout the GCC countries to protect and prosecute patents.
  • It is encouraging that the international community are taking IP very seriously as an asset class – including the GCC. IP has become a crucial growth area for businesses – often now valued as a majority of value within new businesses. Many big businesses have cottoned on to this and are proactively protecting their IP. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are actively encouraging IP rich businesses to locate there with incentives such as tax breaks.
  • High growth areas such as the GCC and Saudi Arabia (who in fact are currently looking to incite a technological revolution in their GDP moving forward); are looking to build increased trust with international operators to welcome partnerships. So things are moving in the right direction.

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