What is my product’s commodity code?


A customer has asked me for the community (commodity?) codes under which our products fall.

Looking at the Government website “www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/trade-tariff” it is unclear which categories my products fall under. We make 2 different types of dried fruit snacks. One where different fresh fruits are blended together and then dried and the other where dried fruits and nuts are pressed together. I have two questions:
1) Do these fall under the category of dried fruits or prepared fruits as heat is applied?
2) Given that these are blends of different fruits do we categories by primary fruit or select “other”

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Hi there,

I hope you get an answer to your question shortly.

In the meantime, I recommend also looking at the Institute of Export and International Trade’s helpdesk for more specific advice:


The OTE team


Hi Michael,

HMRC provide a Binding Tariff service to help business classify their goods correctly.  Information on this service can be found here:

Hope that helps.

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