Product liability insurance for the USA


On behalf of a client exporting products from the UK to the USA, we are trying to identify companies either in the USA or UK willing to quote rates for product liability insurance.

Our company, ExportAction, will not be acting as an intermediary, but will put our client in touch directly with prospective brokers and/or insurers.


Roger Frampton
E: [email protected]


Hi Roger, we export a service, so have had to get professional indemnity for the US, rather than product liability, but hopefully our experience will be useful. We went to several of the larger insurance firms, and everyone was wanting to give stupid policies, e.g. including a jurisdiction clause referring to UK courts, any US company will ignore this, and will always take action through the US courts. In the end we went through our regular brokers, the policy is underwritten by Axa, and is very comprehensive. My advice would be for your client to contact their regular broker in the first instance, failing that, to get cover in the UK it will need to be one of the bigger insurance firms such as Axa or Hiscox. Hope this helps. Kindest regards Mike

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