Problem around Netherlands bonded warehouse


I have bought the goods (beer) for export stored at Loendersloot (Netherlands) bonded warehouse.
After release the goods, we instructed them to deliver to buyer out of EU.
Loendersloot do not allow our transporter to pick it up, offered overpriced transport tarif
and doesn’t provide transport service after week, even been instructed for imediate dispatch after release.
Buyer canceled the deal, because of delay. Now I would like to take my load and move to different warehouse to export it later. But again they kept my T2 status goods, and do not allow to move it by my transporter, and e-mail me the following:

Please send the following info:

– Delivery warehouse
– Revised invoice

If the warehouse is not known by us yet, we’ll have to receive the following information:

– Full bond details
– Copy of the excise license, provided to them by Slovakian customs

After receiving the above, we’ll have to process them into our system and do a full SEED-check with Dutch customs to see if all checks out.
If all checks out we need to ask final approval from our company director before we can deliver to that warehosue.

My goods are locked, they charge storefee, and don’t know how long they will keep it there, before deliver somewhere.
I need  advice: do they have rights for that, and how can I take my goods out.


Hi there, I hope you get an answer here, but if it is more urgent, I recommend also looking at the Institute of Export and International Trade’s helpdesk for more specific advice:

Hope it goes ok..



I can understand your frustration with this situation.  From your explanation it does sound like you have received poor service in regard to the original delivery timescales.

To be able to move your goods to another warehouse, the bonded warehouse operator, Loendersloot in this case, is likely to be responsible for the EMCS declaration to Customs. The holder of the Bond must do this, even if they do not own the goods. This declaration will allow the goods to be moved without duty being paid, as they are not for consumption in the local market.
They will be very keen for the movement of goods to be successful or the duty liability could be outstanding on their deferment account. I would suggest that in asking for details of the receiving warehouse and their excise licence is part of their normal due diligence.  The customs warehouse should be able to provide this as any movements of goods will need this detail.

Once the details have been checked against SEED, it just takes a couple of seconds and can be performed on this website, you can arrange transport. Loendersloot will require the date and time of collection and the vehicle registration number.

Please come back to us if you require any further assistance.
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