Press & Mobile Phone Contacts For India & Nepal?



My name is Gaynor O’Flynn. I am an artist & director of the beinghuman collective. I am working the British Council & curating the British Chapter of The Kathmandu International Art Festival, a not for profit & we are holding a press conference in Oct in Delhi.

Can anyone help with

1. press contacts for arts, social justice, technology in India or Nepal.
2. We are also doing an interactive art work on a UNESCO world heritage site using the crowd & SMS & are looking for a mobile phone sponsor.

For anyone in London we have a fundraising on Oct 31st in Google Campus London

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Sannam S4 does this sort of work for a number of clients wanting to do business in India. What is your budget for doing this outreach? We can do the research and provide a contact list for you to do the outreach yourself, or we can do the outreach for you. Our Head of Promotion & Events, Cindrela Arthur, has spearheaded a number of PR projects for non-profit educational institutions from the UK and could certainly assist you. Visit our web site:, or contact me directly so we can provide you with a comprehensive proposal for services.

Cheers. 🙂


I am the UK Senior Associate Partner ( based in Somerset ) for a small business consultancy company called TMG Advisory Ltd, based out of Delhi and with offices across India. We have our own Media Company and we would be very happy to help on your enquiry. We would ask what your budget level is for the work and whether you just want us to provide the contacts list from our database or whether you would require us to assist you with the PR work ? You can check out our company details at or you can call me direct on my UK mobile 07989 973284 to discuss your requirements in more detail.
In terms of the sponsorship requirement we would need more details on the required deliverables and then we could review the requirement and provide you with a support proposal to cover this item. My direct email is [email protected]

Best regards,
Les Parfitt

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