Potential of exporting Vitamin D3 products?


I am the national sales manager for a nutrition company and looking for the potential of exporting Vitamin D3.

The product is DMAX which is cholecalciferol and is manufactured in the Uk. Its suitable for vegetarians, halal and kosher credited and approved by the vegetarian society. DMAX comes in the following doses: 4000 IU, 5000 IU, 10,000 IU, 20,000 IU. There are 30 capsules per pack.

How do I discover the potential for export of my products?


Hi Narendra,

Can I suggest that (if you aren’t already) you join LinkedIn and look at the numerous groups on there associated with Nutritional products. I am sure there would be many buyers interested in a UK manufactured product with the accreditations that you have.

Are you looking towards a European market or further afield? There may be significant hoops to jump through with the FDA if you are considering the USA s a potential market.

All the best


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