Potential distributor


I’m looking to export and distribute British brand overseas (Algeria) and wondering what the best way for setting long term business relationship with the company

My company is based in Algeria, and I’m British citizen looking for further opportunity to introduce British products into Algiers market which has a massive opportunity on sales and products development


If you read the Explanatory Notes for our Long Term Supply Agreement (scroll down on this page: http://www.contractstore.com/A138-long-term-supply-agreement) you will get some idea of what to look for in your contract. Other contracts will offer different arrangements so do browse around our site for ideas.

Also you might find http://exporting-made-easy.com/ useful in giving general guidance about how export arrangements can be set up.


Dear Larbi,
Obviously you are aiming to contact some potential British suppliers.
Could you send me some more details about your needs (sector, categories…) to my email address: abderezak.bouhaceine@fco.gov.uk

Abderezak Buhacine


Dear Larbi,

We currently manufacture and distribute consumable paper products, i.e toilet rolls, tissues, etc.. we have not exported to Algeria before but i would be interested to here your views on potential for supplying our products there.

Please contact me david_ian_newsom@hotmail.com if this market sector is of interest to you.

please note that this product can be own branded.
best regards David

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