Pipe shipment to Russia, export license needed?


We are an engineering comapny based in the north of England.

We will have a requirement to ship a number of pipes for an indsutrial application to Russia. Will an export license be needed?


Dear Steve

My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge.
If you can provide details of the goods, the application, the name and address of the consignee and name and address of the end user (if different to the consignee) then I will check this for you. All the above details are necessary in order to give you a definitive answer to your question. If you would like me to check this for you please send these details to me at chris@accesstoexport.com.
We can also arrange the shipping for you if required so if you would like to send the details of the consignment when it is ready we will happily provide a quote.
If you would like to discuss anything by phone please feel free to contact me on 01223 890767.

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Hi Steve
We are also based in the North of England and ship pipe worldwide for our clients. My colleague John Christal john@origmaglobal.com can answer all your questions, please email or phone 07803875585 for a definative response. In addition to our freight forwarding business John delivers bespoke courses on International trade, export and import procedures so is well versed on all your requirements.
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Hi Steve

The vast majority of products imported into RF require some sort of certification to show that they conform to the Russian quality standards. These documents are checked at customs and it will cause problems if you do not obtain the correct ones. Depending on materials, it might be the case that your pipes do not even need a certificate, but it is important to check.

Often your buyer will obtain the appropriate documentation, but we generally advise getting the certificates under your name as this will allow you to maintain a degree of control the movement of your products and over your buyers.

Another point to note is that the Russian authorities pay particular attention to commodity codes, as it is these that import duties and certification requirements are based around. The codes for Russia do differ from CN codes used in Europe, so these need to be established too.

To answer your original question, however, I believe that export licences are generally for controlled goods such as firearms or hazardous chemicals, so this should not apply to your products.

Please get in touch if you would like us to look into this for you further.

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Charles Swain

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