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We have our own low priced Branded Office Suite Software that’s Windows and all file formats compatible, that is in Chinese Traditional and Simplified and English in one Package so user’s can switch.

In China and the other countries that use Chinese how do volume PC & Notebooks sales, also software dealers source and purchase their software supplies for computers they sell?


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In Hong Kong where simplified Chinese is used, volume PCs and notebooks are generally sold with an upgrade option to include software such as Microsoft Office. The software bundled should be on an OEM licence basis whereby manufacturers bulk purchase licences and have them installed on PCs and notebooks based on clients’ requirements.

Software dealers here generally purchase boxed software from their local distributors as most leading software brands do have their own established distribution channel in Hong Kong.

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Is there a equivalent of ITC computer systems builders online trade mags and the Yelllow pages in China and HK ?

That we can do a press release below.

Computersoft are pleased to announce we are looking for agents to promote our New Office Suite Software in Chinese and are willing to work with local companies to ensure they have good sales growth.
Computersoft Ltd +44 (0) 1945 861815

[email protected]

We have an Office Suite that is available for free download and 30 day evaluation at:


We are looking for business to sell on to the end user on a no sale = no cost basis after your company receives payment from the end user you pay us a lower amount. So no layout or risk by your company.

This installs Chinese Simplified & Traditional, Korean, Japanese and English, including all the help. It is all-in-one "Asian" language installer for Japan and Korea, as well.



I am not aware of any online trade magazines relating to the computer industry in Hong Kong. Below are some ICT related magazines which may be of interest. Some of them do have limited online content but unfortunately all are in local language. However, you may still wish to take a look at their website to see if they are applicable.

ITPRO (www.itpromag.com) – aiming at ICT professionals
e-zone (www.e-zone.com.hk) – a mass market consumer ICT magazine
PC Market (http://pcm.my-magazine.me/main/) – similar to e-zone but with more focus on PCs

Hong Kong has Yellow Pages but I am not sure if this will provide an effective channel to market your applications.

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