Partners in Australia for our slate tableware


We have just started looking at potentially exporting to Australia, our Cornish slate tableware and gifts.

We are looking initially at Perth and Melbourne as target areas due to the Cornish expats and other markets that may be open in the hotel and restaurant trade.

Has anyone any leaders or pointers as to who we can contact?


When looking at your cost model please don’t forget to build in Australian import duty and GST, both of which are payable at the time of import.

The tariff code for worked articles of slate is 68030000 and the import duty rate is 5%

I believe GST is currently 10%

You can also look at import requirements at

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.


You can also look at import requirements at


Hi Susan

Thanks for your prompt reply. My biggest concern (I thought) would be shipping costs, but adding 15% to our prices is a complicator.

Just for information, we are a new business and finding our way into the export business.

Your reply was most helpful, so thank you again.


Just had a thought about my reply just now. If I am correct, 5% duty to be paid and then 10%GST in the shop.

I had allowed 20% on the final price so if thats correct the product would be 5% cheaper before shipping.

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