Partners/delaers sought for exporting used mobile phones from UK to Africa


We are currently looking for partners/dealers who are in the market to purchase and distribute our used mobiles phones in fast growing economies in Africa like Nigeria, where we believe there is a high demand for affordable high quality used mobile phones. Our range includes Blackberry, IPhone, Samsung and other leading brands. Ideally we would like to partner with a company who will buy the devices ‘ex works’ from the UK and handle all the shipping, customs and licencing arrangements.

Our company, Clover is one of the world’s leaders in mobile phone ‘Take Back and Repair’. We have many ‘Take Back’ programmes for used/redundant devices throughout Europe and the USA, offering companies the highest levels of security for their data and sound Environmental credentials for ‘End of Life’ devices minimizing the impact on our environment and helping save naturel resources.



Many of my customers use LinkedIn as a great way to connect simply and either free or with a limited monthly budget. There are many groups that you can join that are either product or country specific and have helpful forums where people share experiences, contacts, pitfalls and success stories.

If I can be of any assistance with managing your foreign exchnage risk then please feel free to give me a call. 01736 334695

All the Best

Peter Beech

Export Action Plan