Optical measurement system export fm UK to Japan: What import duties will they pay?


We want to export 1 optical measurement system to Japan: commodity code 90 31 4990 00. Either we will send it for rental for 3 months and it will be returned to the UK, or it will be sold and exported. I know there are no restrictions, or export licence necessary for us to export, but what import duties or taxes will the Japanese expect to pay? Any special customs procedures? Thank you for any guidance.


You may find visiting www.customsinfo.com useful. Contacting the British Embassy in Japan. Or the Japanese Embassy in London. Failing you could speak to with my colleague Alex Patterson on www.e-customs.com. It would though be consultancy on this issue.


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If you are sending it out there as a temporary export then there will be no duty to pay. however the export and return trip will have to reference the initial entry to the country to show that it has been and come back.

In the case of selling the item and permanent export. The duty will depend on the value of the product. If it is worth less than 200,000 yen for example the simplified tariff will apply and it should be 5% import duty.

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Quick update, I checked the full tariff in Japan and it looks like it should be free of import duty.



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