New US website – repatriation – nexus and EIN query


We are about to launch our US website and need some help please.

We ship to a third party company in the US, who act as our warehousing and logistics company, direct from our suppliers in China. We do not have a physical presence in the US although I believe we would have what is known as a “nexus”.

Q1) We need to know whether we should charge sales tax for every state, whether it would only be applicable in the state of the nexus, ie CA or whether it would not apply?

Q2) If we have to charge sales tax, how should this be presented to the customer on checkout?

Q2) We have a USD bank account here in the UK and we intend to have our US customers pay into our US Paypal/Braintree account. When we move the funds from there into our USD bank account then, will we be subject to a tax liability?

Q3) Will we incur a tax liability due to trading in the US or does the fact that we have our own EIN remove this?

Thank you all in advance.

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