New European Labelling Requirements


I’m struggling to fit Swedish and Finnish language, as well as nutritional information on my back label for food for export.

Has anybody got any advice for work-arounds or solutions? We have a very specific jar shape with limited space for labels.



Don’t know what you MUST have visible on outside but have you considered an easy-peel 3-layer label? Then you can just show the essentials in 3 langs + "Peel here for more info" and put the rest on the inner pages.

We translate some like this for existing food packaging clients, seems to work well.

Hope this helps!


Hi, this is the classic problem of multilingual food labelling. We specialise in food label translation, and lack of space on pack is always an issue. I have several practical suggestions which you may have already tried:
1) review font size, can you get it slightly smaller, and still meet the legibility requirements?
2) Can you reduce the wording? I.e. are you using the legal my minimum required wording?
3) Can you combine the languages where there are common words? Norwegian and Finnish are quite different, but there are some instances where they have words in common. When we translate several Nordic languages we normally list them together so the client can eliminate words where duplicated. E.g. For the title the format would be: EN/FI/NO ingredients/ingredients/ingredients
We are sometimes asked for "Scandi" – just to clarify that such a single language doesn’t exist, Nordic languages have common words, but are each distinct and separate languages.
Hope this helps. Regards, Mike


Thanks for these.
It’s my understanding that all the information must be visible (i.e. not having to open out a book or fold).
We’re pretty stringent on font size and terminology but still can’t fit some of our ingredients on the label with a dual language requirement.
At this rate we’re going to have to withdraw items from sale if we can’t find a workable solution.
Any more advice gratefully received.

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