Need to source products from China without using Alibaba etc.


I am looking to source various products from China without going through the normal channels of Alibaba, ChinaNet ect.

They will be imported into the UK and then exported from the UK to all countries. Specifically EU.

Can anyone give me access to legitimate Chinese companies through more official directories or channels?



Hi Andy

I have a very good suggestion for you. Try CHINA-BRITAIN BUSINESS COUNCIL

I have had interaction with them before and they are very helpful.

By the way, if you need to pay for the products either in local currency or USD (their preferred method) please contact me on 0207 112 1530, we are a specialist FX exchange business. Have a look at my website, where you will find all the relevant info you need about me and my business.

Hope to hear back from you and good luck



Hi Andy,

Can I suggest you join LinkedIn. There are numerous groups and forums for China specific business and some are product specific as well allowing you quick access to relevant contacts. Feel free to find me and LinkIn with me. I can guide you to some of the better, less “spammy” sites.
If you are considering foreign exchange then we have over 10 years experience, are D&B A1 credit rated and transact over £2Billion a year (a good chunk of which goes to China!)
Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

All the best



Andy, we are a Chinese owned freight forwarder with a sourcing division. We also offer pre shipment inspections too. Happy to help if needed.

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