Need Assistance in Importing Apparel from the US


New to import/export and would like to import women’s apparel from the US. The orders are going to start small, and I would like to know if I would need to use a freight forwarding agent. I also have a few other basic questions regarding whether I need to register for CHIEF and whether I can just have the smaller orders arrive via the post.

Please note that I am currently in the US and actively contacting suppliers regarding the goods I am looking to import.

Any contact referrals and assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you!



You can use any transport method you like to import. They differ in cost, speed and ability to track the package. Post has the least tracking. Courier (DHL, Fed ex etc.) has good tracking.
Airfreight would be best for larger consignments.

On import you will have to pay import duty and VAT. VAT is 20%. Import duty depends on the actual product – see

Import duty can be reduced depending on manufactured origin. Just because you purchase from USA doesn’t mean the origin is USA.

You will need to ensure that you agree the delivery terms with your seller so you know what you are paying for (are they paying for the freight for example?). See

Whichever transport company you use will complete the UK import entry to Customs for you so you don’t need to enter to CHIEF yourself.

Your seller will need to produce a shipping invoice which will form the basis of both the export entry and the import entry.

I can give you further help with all the above if you wish.
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Hi Evelyn
We would be very happy to help out with your Imports from the US. We are a freight forwarding company using both air and sea to ship our customer’s goods all over the world, we have reliable partner offices throughout the US who can help with arranging the shipment, depending on your purchasing terms. If you would like to call me to discuss your options further then please do, my number is 02392 756575 or you can email me on [email protected]
Thanks and best of luck


Hi Evelyn,
I know this is a older post, but wondering how you are progressing?
We have a new service launching in June that will be based out of Miami.
Intermediary Office Services for UK companies wishing to have a presence in the US, should your business take off it would be great to talk.
Good luck
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