Need advice on setting up North American division of company as buffer


Can you advise on setting up a North American division of a company to act as a buffer to UK ie. protect against legal action?

This question was asked as part of the ‘Beyond the EU: Opportunities in North America’ webinar. You can find a recording of the webinar here at:


Hi Chad

Many thanks for your interest in the webinar we animated, and for your question.

Of course we can advise on that point, but, to be able to, we’d need more information about your company and the context of this project.
Please contact me by email – – with more details and your availability, I will give a call as soon as I can.

Best regards
Pierre Boesinger



I am a California attorney as well as a Scottish solicitor, now based in Edinburgh after 14 years in the US. I regularly advise UK businesses on doing business in the US including strategies for protection of their UK business. A link to a recent blog about doing business in the US is below:

Please let me know if you would like to set up a time to talk direct.


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