Need a good shipping company to export waste rubber to China


I’ve found this site:

Anyone heard of them? Any good?


Hi Brad
There is a big issue with the shipping lines at the moment regarding scrap/waste rubber products globally. Many shipping lines will not accept this product because the low value and high volume leaves them susceptible to having containers/cargo abandoned at destination. There was a big issue with shredded rubber being sent to Indian Sub and Far East for use as fuel in power stations. The cost of the freight and port charges meant hundreds of containers were abandoned at destinations as the cargo value was less than the costs to transport. As a result shipping lines were left with all these container they were unable to use until the local customs seized the cargo, destroyed it and return the container to the carrier/shipping line. This left the shipping lines to pay not just the freight costs but also all the additional costs incurred at the destinations.
However, if you send me the full enquiry including Ports of Discharge and name of end user, we can put to the lines and our offices at destination to see what restrictions there may be.

Julian Chambers
Arbour Shipping Ltd.


Hi Brad,

I own my own shipping company and have worked in logistics for many years. Julian gives a very concise and valid response, it can be tricky.

I can talk to some of the lines that I work with regularly and ask if they will take the commodity, if this is of any help?

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Hi, I am Charlie. CoFounder at We are already help a client shipping tyres to Busan around 20 boxes a week. If you still need help please just go to our site and there you will able to chat to one of our support team members.


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