Must I register my product in Togo before I can export it to Togo?


I recently received inquiry to supply agricultural products to Togo but I am being told that I have to first register the product in Togo via a law firm before I can supply can anyone please advice or is there a service being offered by the UKTI that could assist me please?



Try contacting:-

The French Consulate General is the representive of Togo in the United Kingdom.

Consulate of France in London, United Kingdom

21 Cromwell road
United Kingdom
SW7 2 EN
Website URL:

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Syed Umor Ali


I supply agricultural equipment to my clients in Africa. I have a lot of enquiries from Togo and one forged cheque for an order that was to be airfreighted "urgently". There is a scam running in Nigeria where you are asked to quote for a large amount of equipment for a short notice delivery. Then you are told you must register with the import board which costs $2,000. This is nonsense and I would suspect your enquiry from Togo is trying a similar thing with you.

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Fiona Johnson


Dear Robert,

Please also look at the below website which may be of assistance, which is for the Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture & Industy Togo. Please also note that if you get to the stage of exporting your products, a cargo tracking note will be required, adn I woudl be ahppy to quote you for your shipments in the future.
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