medicine exporting from UK


I am seeking for some advice to know which kind of licence, I would require in order to export medicine for trade activity in my company in Iran.

To be more clear I want to get assignment of the authority for sale activities of medicine in Iran.


I have reviewed MHRA site and a bit confused which is essential for this case :
-Manufacturer’s/importer’s licence (MIA)
-Manufacturer ‘specials’ licence (MS)
-Manufacturer investigational medicinal products (MIAIMP)
-Full wholesale dealer licence (WL)
-Wholesale dealer (GSL) licence (WDL)
-Certificate of a pharmaceutical product (CPP)
-Certificate of licensing status (CLS).
-Certificate of manufacturing status (CMS)
-Certificate for the importation of a pharmaceutical constituent (CPC)


Shall I register a company in UK and destination country ?


What is the legally step to start procure medicinal products and how can I find the list of appropriate medicine supplier in UK?



Though it’s legal to sell medicines to Iran the sales must pass through a Byzantine process of currency transfers and third party banking to avoid doing business with Iranian Financial Institutions most of which are sanctioned.
Firstly one should either look into the Hawala System of Banking (but beware of fraud) or contact Melli Bank (Iranian Bank) in London . Telephone 0207 600 3636 or fax:0207 361 0740.
Go onto the HMCR website and go GSP Country form for Iran and familiarise yourself with
Council Registration 267/2012 also look at 2010/21, 2010/25, 2010/34 and 2012/ 18/19/22. These will give you everything you need to know about what is sanctioned and what is not.



Then you must register with OGEL at control for available blogs.
also you MUST register with SPIRE EXPORTING LICENSING SYSTEM my reason for this is that medicines to Iran are classed as for Military and Dual use goods. There is also the World Health Organisation Iran e-mail
Also information maybe obtained from the Export Control Organisation on 0207 215 4594 or fax 0207 215 2635.


e-mail There is a website called doing business in Iran which is run by the IFC. website You can e-mail them with your question, giving where you reside and your organisation
I suggest you get legal advise so that you are fully covered and make sure you join up with the OECD to guarantee payment. Because in Iran buyer’s lack credit because the banks cannot do deals in direct ways with Iran, it is extremely risky for a company to extend credit there. But medicines are huge business and are urgently needed but are almost always conducted on delayed payments.

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