Media / Broadcasting Market in Latin America



We attended today’s webinar on emerging Latin America and the opportunities for UK businesses in these markets.

We are particularly interested in the opportunities for companies in TV production?

What does the broadcasting landscape look like?

Are there any incentives for UK businesses to pursue LatAm markets?

Thanks, Dawn


Colombia has a very vibrant broadcasting scene, with many television channels and radio channels with domestic content. There is also a very large telesales segment. We are a market of 47 million people, with a rapidly growing middle class. It could be seen as a smaller version of Brazil ten years ago.

In terms of incentives, I am not sure if you mean financial or tax incentinves or more broadly ‘ opportunities in the market’.

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You are probably already aware that you can get help from UK Trade and Investment on understanding markets in most countries of the world. As far as Latin America is concerned we have posts in all countries who could give you information on the broadcast sector. PACT is leading the UKTI Rio Content trade mission in March, so I’m guessing you already have information on the Brazilian market, but if you want to find out about how we can help your trade association and its members gather information on other countries, by all means feel free to call me on 07740 611218.

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Roger Figg

Export Action Plan