Market suggestions for older technology



We buy and sell excess / obsolete stock and have the contract with a leading UK Industrial Distributor which sees us receive monthly deliveries containing a wide selection of items.

Within these deliveries we often get products that are of slightly older technology than in the UK, but are branded (e.g. Netgear), boxed and new.

I am looking for a market for these items and, if a market can be found, a way into that market – the price will be well below cost.
Not sure if that’s enough info to be getting along with but any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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How about Belarus or Kazakhstan?


Some years ago, I was approached by a scrap metal company (they preferred Secondary Metal Processors!), which bought, literally, aircraft hangers full of ex Post Office equipment switchboards and all things telephony. We found markets in Anglophone Africa were the equipment was still current and dramatically improved on the scrapage rates.
You have to be quite canny and your market choice is often determined by the volumes of equipment you can obtain.

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